Host Helpful Hints


-It is very helpful to study/sketch/doodle the color and structure of a garden prior to coming to class. Check on-line for images of Judith’s work on her Facebook pages, Pinterest. It helps to familiarize yourself with flowers, particularly peonies or cabbage roses before tackling the incorporation of them to a large seamless nuno felt…
…..but, you don’t have to!

– Try a few samples of what your vision of Judith’s work is prior to coming to class.

– Be comfortable with shingling fiber. It will be a real time saver.

– Bring exactly the supplies that are on the list. Particularly the silk and fiber. Don’t wait until the week before the class to assemble these.

– Arrive early.

– Wear comfortable shoes. Be prepared to get wet.

-Please bring only white fiber, fabric, and embellishments, particularly to the 3 Day workshop. Colored fibers and fabrics will not be permitted in the Gallery at the Valley Art Center, where we will be working.

Robbie Grodin

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