-Sun Press 2009

-FOX TV8 Kenny Crumpton 2009

-VAC Juried Art Show 2009

-Cleveland Museum of Art TAA Fashion Show 2010

-VAC Juried Art Show 2010

-Fiber Fling Fashion Show 2011

-Cleveland Museum of Art TAA Fashion Show 2011

-VAC “Art Strikes a Pose” 2011

-Shaker History Museum “Dream Weavers: The Art of the Loom” 2011

-VAC Juried Art Show 2011 - Honorable Mention

-VAC “Ruby, Ruby” 2012

-VAC 'Entertain Me' 2012

-Cleveland Museum of Art TAA Fashion Show 2012

-VAC Juried Art Show 2012

-Sun Press11-26-12


-Abrash Gallery 2012

-VAC 'Moody Blues' 2013

-Art by the Falls 2013 Honorable Mention

-VAC Juried Art Show 2013

-VAC Mellow Yellow 2014

-VAC Interpretation: Abstract Art 2014

-VAC Student Faculty Exhibit 2014

-‘May Show’ Lakeland Community College 2014

-Art by the Falls 2014 Honorable Mention

-Cleveland Museum of Art Textile Art Alliance Board of Directors 2014-2017

-Cleveland Museum of Art TAA Fashion Show 2014

-VAC Juried Art Show  Honorable Mention 2014

-Westlake St. Johns Medical Center, Festival of the Arts-Honorable Mention 2015

-Willoughby, Artfest - 3rd Place 2015

-Hudson Society of Artists,  Art on the Green-Honorable Mention 2015

-Cleveland Botanical Gardens, TAA Members Show 2015

-Cleveland Museum of Art TAA Fashion Show 2015 Honor of Merit

-Valley Art Center Juried Art Show 2015

Hudson Society of Artists Honorable Mention 2016

Valley Art Center Juried Art Show.....Both pieces accepted, one with Honorable Mention 2016

Canton Museum of Art  1st Place Fine Crafts 2016

Medina Art on the Green... 1st place 2017

Willoughby Artfest... Honorable Mention 2017

VAC Juried Art Show... Honorable Mention2017

Canton Museum of Art... Second Place Fine Crafts 2017

Art by the Falls… Honorable Mention 2018

Cain Park Art Festival…. Judges Selection 2018

Medina Art on the Square… Second Place 2018

Robbie Grodin, Textile Artist

As a Maker…I create award winning wearable art for women, to express their inner selves.  My emphasis is Nuno Felting and dyeing.

As a teacher…I teach different skill levels women have.  It’s the only way I know to reach inward & express our creative self.


I teach what I know. I learn, re-invent, sketch, alter, and make it my own. First I think about color at the dye pots, and then I take to the felting table to make a prototype. Here is where I make mistakes, try to quietly listen and allow the piece to become what it wants to become. Still continuing to trouble shoot and streamline the process until the magic appears, I decide “this needs to be a class”. This is the point in the creative process that makes me be a better artist…by preparing to teach others! When preparing for classes, much time goes into details and structure in timing, procedure, and materials, for each student to successfully complete their piece. My goal is to ignite creativity in others, to inspire, to share what I know and welcome those “ahhhh” moments in others. My felt teachings are my gift to give back to so many who come into my life, and leave it enriched, if only for a few hours.

Nuno Felting Classes

Nuno Felt is the contemporary version of the time-honored tradition of wet felting fine layers of wool onto silk.  I love to use needle felting machines to drastically reduce the work in felting wearable art.  Mechanizing this process makes a lot of sense to me!  It allows more time to enjoy the designing aspect of laying wool on top of silk to create those new fabrics!

Dyeing classes

Magic happens when color is added to fabrics, especially when fabrics are handmade!!  My dyeing classes have quite a range of techniques…. Traditional methods of dyeing, exploring Ice Dyeing, Hand Dyeing, and Natural Dyeing classes.  Eco Print classes are always fun to gather botanicals & use nature to add color to wearable art garments.  I teach a range of skill sets from easy Shibori with Indigo dyeing, all day classes in Eco Printing, and advanced 2 day workshops making the Nuno felt and then dyeing it!

Easy classes

A 2 hour class can immensely fill that need for women to gather and create!  Here we are painting metallic pain onto the back of leaves, and printing them onto a silk scarf.


Senior Classes

Having my Mom living in an Independence place has brought new meaning to teaching Seniors.  They have requirements that don’t come with an average class student.  Great care is used to make that class time special!  More simplified mixed media techniques are incorporated into these classes.


The strength of my passion, for my artwork, is to ignite my creative self. My wearable art pieces evolve with each season. Through fiber, my artwork is expressed based on MY life experiences... everything that has brought me to this moment. In 2008, I was diagnosed with cancer. I LIVE each day with this disease. That was the driving force for how my Studio, and art form, came to be. I like to refer to my Studio as “Art Therapy gone wild”. It was the result of a single art therapy class at The Gathering Place, a wet felting class, which coincidentally was my first day of hair loss, a side effect from Chemo. In that single class, I found my passion…..I found hope. When I am at my felting table, I am the beauty that lies in the potential of the art I can create.

My Designs

are one-of-a kind. My style is edgy-conservative with a flare for organic. I am proud to be an avenue for people to express their distinctiveness through wearing my felted art works. As I create a piece, I often wonder who will come for this piece. When that person arrives, it is magic. My wearable art pieces are exhibited at various gallery art shows and on runways of fashion shows throughout the Greater Cleveland area. My work is sold here on my website, at Juried Art Shows and Galleries.  Come see for yourself, why so many Judges are willing to accept and award my work with honors.

Where is Robbie Today?

After 10 years of my “brick’n mortar” Chagrin Falls Studio on Bell St., I have moved my Studio home!  Follow and “Like” my Facebook tribe, Alpaca Fiber Studio.  Follow my daily journey of new up and coming wearable art designs and their processes, inspirations, nuno felting on felting machines, classroom in action, dyeing techniques and Studio happenings!

My new focus as a Teacher: on-line & in-person classes at a variety of locations.

My new focus as a Maker: NEW Original Designs in Wearable Art Garments for women to express themselves!